Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dr Abdalla Mustafa Warayet

Abdalla Warayet has been awarded a PhD in TESOL. His thesis, entitled "The influence of speech context, language mode and exposure to English on the use of English discourse markers by EFL students" explores the discourse markers used in English by two groups of Libyan EFL students: those who learned English while living in the UK accompanying parents during their postgraduate studies; and those who had never been abroad and learned the English language in Libya as a part of the school curriculum. The comparison identified how different environments affect the use of English discourse markers - words and phrases which perform a variety of functions relating mainly to structuring and organizing language - through examining the influence of speech contexts such as interviews and discussions, different modes of English use including speaking and writing, and exposure to the English language. Dr Warayet's Director of Studies was Dr Maddalena Taras (Education).


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