Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fritz Wefelmeyer on Botho Strauß

Dr Fritz Wefelmeyer has published an article on the German playwright Botho Strauß in the journal Pandaemonium Germanicum. Fritz considers the way in which the social theories and world views originally followed by Strauß have - according to Strauß himself - led to a longing for transcendence in the wrong direction, ignoring the true significance of technology. However, Fritz argues that Strauß’ own analysis, which incorporates insights from the natural sciences in particular, fails to take adequate account of creative activity. The article then explores another perspective emerging from Strauß’ representation of the state of unhappy consciousness of the modern individual and the various attempts made to transcend this. Finally, Strauß’ own attempt to achieve transcendence through art is critically examined.

Fritz Wefelmeyer (2013). Die Sehnsucht nach Transzendenz Zu ihrer Bedeutung im Werk von Botho Strauß. Pandaemonium Germanicum. Vol. 16, No. 21, pp. 1-24.


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