Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The New North East

On Monday 13th July 2015 the Department of Culture will be hosting a one-day symposium focused on our region entitled ‘The New North East’. This interdisciplinary gathering - which takes place in the Prospect Building, St Peter's Campus - will bring together scholars and practitioners working in the field of ‘cultural studies’ (broadly understood to include history, literature, linguistics, visual arts and media studies). It is hoped that the forum will allow participants to share developments in their disciplines, especially those which have opened up new avenues of research and/or shed new light on more traditional objects of enquiry in the study of North East England and North East Englishness. We hope the exciting range of talks will attract interest from academics, students and members of the public from across the region. The confirmed speakers are:

Registration (which is free of charge) is required. You can reserve your place by visiting the University's online shop here. A free light lunch and refreshments will be provided. If you prefer not to register online, contact Dr Michael Pearce at and he will register on your behalf.


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