Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First issue of Cadence published

Sunderland University Poetry Society (SUPS) is pleased to announce the launch of Cadence. This new literary magazine, currently available in print, PDF, and ebook formats, has a tripartite structure: poetry from the society, academic interviews, and poetry from published poets. Contributors from the society this autumn are Connor Bell, Jessica Cartner, Ben Taylor, Theodora Roper and the magazine's English undergraduate editor, Samuel D J Weaver; the academic interview is with Dr David Fallon; and Mary Robinson is the Guest poet (you can see one of her poems in last summer’s Poetry Review). SUPS is always looking for new members and students who would like to contribute to their publications.

Cadence can be obtained through the Blurb Bookshop and ibooks.  Print copies are £8.99, PDF copies are £3.50, and ebooks are £0.99.  For more information about the Society, the magazine, and submissions email sunderlandunipoetrysociety@gmail.com or contact them through the Society House


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